SPARKY P Domestic Electrician

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Policies & Procedures

Public liability Insurance
Sparky P  have Public Liability insurance to a maximum value of £2,000,000 per claim.
Complaints Procedures
Should you not be entirely satisfied with a product or service we have provided please let us know.
For full details of our complaints procedure and information on how to make a complaint please email or phone so that we can rectify as quick as possible any complaints.
All complaints will be responded to within 10 days. This does not effect your statutory rights.
We at Sparky P undear stand that we will have problems from time to time, but we would like to make sure we sort them out quickly so that we can keep our customers satisfied.

Formal and informal complaints shall be made to: - 

Sparky P

4, Lyndhurst Avenue

GU17 0EX

Telephone: 07539 545841