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Free Domestic Electrical Health Check

Does my home need a Domestic Electrical Health Check?


Is the electrical installation in your home less than 10 years old?

Was the electrical installation inspected and tested when you moved in?

Do you have any certificates / test results or information relating to its safety?

Did you receive test certificates for repairs or any other electrical work you’ve paid for?

Are all your items of electrical equipment free from damage and securely fixed?

Do you have RCD protection and adequate protective devices to current standards?

Do you have the correct Earthing and Bonding to 17th edition standards Normally 10mm too Gas & Water & 16mm from main earthing terminal to board.

Have you got an earth back to the supply. The only way to test this is with a meter to get a ZE reading.


These are just a few questions that must be considered when assessing the electrical safety of your home and if you are unable to answer yes to all, or you are unsure of the answer to any of these questions then your electrical installation would benefit from a Domestic Electrical Health Check.


What is a Domestic Electrical Health Check and why do I need one?


A Domestic Electrical Health Check from Sparky P is a basic electrical inspection and test of all your electrical wiring and fixed electrical equipment within your home and outbuildings. It covers a range of inspections and tests to help ensure that electrical equipment is safe, fit for purpose, correctly earthed and protected by suitable fuses or circuit breakers to help prevent electric shocks, electrocution, faults and electrical fires occurring.


Electric Fires are one of the most common causes of fires within domestic dwellings and can be created by many reasons and have devastating effect. In fact electrical fires are now considered to be the number one cause of fires within the commercial and industrial sectors.


The Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) who are jointly responsible for setting the British Standards of electrical installations within England & Wales (BS 7671 requirements for electrical installations) recommends domestic electrical installations are inspected and tested when newly installed, altered or added to and periodically inspected and tested at least every 10 years or at every change of ownership / tenancy.


Following any electrical inspection and testing copies of all relevant certificates, reports and schedules must be given to the person ordering the work.


How much will it cost? Its Free

We will complete basic Domestic Electrical Health Check.  After we have completed the health check we will let you know of any problems, and prioritise what you need to do next.

We will code them:

  1. Dangerous needs immediate work.
  2. Needs to be sorted within the next couple months
  3. Needs Completing within the next six Months
  4. Low priority

The health check is free for customers within a 20 Miles of Camberley Surrey
If you are outside the zone please still contact us for a price.


What you gain from Domestic Electric Health check is a honest results of all the tests carried out and highlights any defects or potentially dangerous items This Could save your life or your house from a electrical fire.

Please note that this is basic health check and not a periodic inspection.
Their is no obligation to use our services but it would be nice as you would of got to no us.

Give us a call what have you got to loose its FREE




Please note that these inspections do not cover portable appliances within your homes such as TV's and other electricals but does cover fixed electrical equipment such as immersion heaters. Should you wish to have your portable appliances tested please enquire for full details or see our Portable Appliance Testing page.


If you have any queries or wish to order your Domestic Electrical Health Check please contact us